Utility locating

Utility locating is the process of finding and marking the location of buried utility lines. It is the most important thing to have done before any excavation as many utility lines are easily damaged, expensive to repair and could be deadly. Calling for locates before you dig is also the law and is a free service. But when you call 811 for utility locates only the utility companies lines are marked, your private lines aren't. The reason for this is that utility companies are only responsible for their lines and the end of their lines is at the meter. Anything beyond the meter is your own line and your responsibility to protect. The average private locate usually only requires electronic locating and takes less than an hour which is far cheaper than repairing a damaged line. visit the contacts page to schedule a private locate.

Electrical Fault finding

We can pinpoint the location of a fault to earth ground with an A frame fault finder. A transmitter sends an electrical pulse down the line then an A frame receiver is pressed into the ground and reads the direction the electrical pulse leaks to ground. In order to be able to locate the fault the faulted part of the cable must leak to earth ground

ground penetrating radar (gpr)

GPR is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. Its one of the only methods to locate non-metallic lines such as water, sewer and empty conduit. It gives an image of the ground by showing reflected signals from subsurface structures. Its a very powerful tool as it can map underground utilities and structures that might not be found without excavation. Some soil types and ground conditions may cause inconclusive results, especially clays and silt. It also requires easy access and fairly flat ground.

Electronic locating

Electronic locating is the standard method of locating. A transmitter sends a radio signal down a metallic line underground to which a receiver can find. In order to locate this way the line must be metallic unless there is a tracer wire or we have access to insert a metallic fish tape into the pipe.


Electronic Locating                                    $50/hr

GPR (ground penetrating radar)              $120/hr

Fault Finding                                              $80/hr

Drive time is charged for anything over 20 miles from Coeur d'Alene, ID at $50/hr

*One hour minimum*